Thursday, March 4, 2010

You're too old....

On Monday I went to eat lunch at school with my favorite first grader!
I was a surprise, with the gift of a Happy Meal.
I managed to make it to the cafeteria right before O got her food
(thankfully she was at the end of the line!)

I took my seat next to her at the tiny lunch table and she was giddy that I was there!
So, were the other kids!

Right after we sat down the following scene occurred.

Juniper: (looking directly at O) Olivia is that your babysitter?

Olivia: No! She's my cousin!

Juniper: (looking directly at me) You look a little bit OLD to be a cousin?

Me: (in my head, of course) You look a little bit STUPID to be in first grade.

It kind of hurt my pride a little bit, silly little seven year old.

Doesn't she know people think I'm way younger than I really am?

Just to make things a little worse in the car yesterday Garrett said "Ashlee we really look like we're 27 years old"

Is it true? Am I starting to look old?

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