Wednesday, February 24, 2010

headlights 101

Recently, Garrett's headlight went out.
"Take it to the place and let them put it in", I told him.
"Nope it cost like $60 we're gonna do it" said he.

Some people are car people.

We are not!

I did figure out how to open the hood.

And Garrett reached in and got to work.

There were all these parts that had to be moved out of the way.

At first I just read the directions,

Then I decided to dig in and help.

And the man at the car place was very specific about not touching the bulb.

Something about it blowing up.

It was not a clean job.

After an hour and a half we understood why it cost $60 to have someone else do it.

But we had a working headlight!

And a lot of pieces to put back together.

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