Friday, February 19, 2010


summer at b is for....brown (who I love, and always has the best etsy finds, and hosts swaps which are super fun!!) asked these questions today. I answered in her comments but here they are here.

... your childhood dreams.

I wanted to be an architect until I was in 7th grade, and always a mommy!

... did you have an imaginary friend?
yes, she didn't have a name, I only referred to her as my sister. i talked to her until i was way too old.

... in what movie would you choose to have the starring role?
Legally Blonde, for sure!

... if you could change careers, what would you do?
probably become an orthodontist.

... a food you cannot live without.
lately beans and rice...always french fries!

... the first time your heart flew.
at brother's watching him draw me on the table

... the first time it fell and was squished?
when he ended it over the phone while i was half way across the country
(this is actually a reoccurring theme in my life)

... something you wish you could say to someone that hurt you.
is this really the memory you want us to have of you?

... what you want to be known for?
loving with my whole self, and making people laugh.

now it's your turn!

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