Thursday, February 11, 2010

what to buy before a blizzard

After the Christmas blizzard that had me stuck at Garrett's house (with no food!) I've started taking those pesky weathermen seriously when they say it's going to be a bad storm.

I head to the store and buy food to eat if we are stuck in doors for days, or if the electricity goes out. And a puzzle and crossword puzzle book so we could entertain ourselves without *gasp* internet, if need be.

"They" say Oklahomans don't know how to handle a little bit of snow. I, for one am a FLORIDIAN and I will admit that a bit of snow or ice (ick) keep me from going anywhere. So, this does not offend me.

Did you know I bought my first coat my freshman year of college?!

It's true.

So, anyway I was heading out to buy the essentials.

It was cold.

What exactly are the essentials when it is 10* outside the wind is blowing 50mph and you may be without electricity for who knows how long?

This Florida girl really wasn't too sure.

Apparently the answer is bananas. I kid you not, there was water, milk, bread, eggs (all the things I read other cities were running out of) But, there were only 9 (icky) bananas in Norman, America.

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