Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A trip through 2009

Holy-oh-my-goodness! Am I the only one that's in denial that it's about to be 2010? Am I the only one that remembers the new millennium like it was yesterday?

Um hello stealing mailboxes and running around Wal*Mart (because that was cool in High School) Seriously has it been 10 years since we were at Matt's parents house waiting for Y2K?

I guess it has. I guess I can account for all 520 weeks since then I guess it really is hours away from 2010. I still haven't even figured out what we are supposed to call this Two Thousand and Ten or Twenty Ten. I had better figure it out fast.

For now I will review my most prominent memories from each month this year. Maybe the best, maybe the worst, maybe the weirdest, just whatever pops in my head as we go.

Are you read for the ride through 2010?


January was the game. The sad, sad bowl game. I don't think you'll find one mention of it on this blog after it happened. My heart was broken. I tried to figure out what I could have differently. Sometimes I forget I'm not a part of the team. ha! Anyway, I went to watch the game on Campus Corner with Garrett and company and I was probably more into the game than your average bar sitter (duh! I love football!) At halftime when there was still plenty of hope Garrett and I decided to walk to the Business College (I think he wanted to use the bathroom there) I love campus at night. And it was so perfect outside. I was so happy to be a Sooner! I really love my school and Norman. It is just so peaceful and felt so much like home! The day after the game G and I took a mental health day and mourned our loss. So Sad!

January also brought being mistaken for Under 17 and my Sonic and Mail dilemmas


Obviously the thing that sticks out most about February 2009 is the tornado that went right in front of me at a stop light. Seriously how did I not die?!?!


March I went to Florida for the sole purpose of seeing Scottie! We had a ton of fun and I got to meet this guy! Seriously he still amazes me! I totally almost died on his boat. It was some pretty scary waves. But, thankfully we survived!

I also posted this picture in March, I think it might be one of my all time favorite pictures ever the pure joy is just the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen!

Also in March I attended my first ever March Madness tournament game and wrote my first ever letter to the NCAA


April is when my love affair with all things Cupcakes really became super intense. It's when I figured out I was good at this whole baking thing!

April is also the beginning of The List, Blogger allowed scheduled posts (seriously if I die keep checking you never know when I've got something coming!), Rita and Michale got ENGAGED!!!


At the end of very end of May I flew to my Beloved Bradenton! I got stuck in the tram that takes you to and from concourses and I busted out when some old men opened the door! May was mostly uneventful. I spent the majority of the month hanging out with Garrett helping him study for the CPA exam. We rocked that section!


June my favorite sister graduated from high school. I saw Snooty, with Desire and Natalie for the first time since like middle school. I attended Natalie's orientation for college (crazy!?!) I wrote my favorite blog post ever about getting locked out of the house, with no shoes and no bra. ha! I got in my first ever car accident while I was driving (it was not my fault, no big deal, except I had just gotten off the airplane from Florida. It didn't make the blog)


Natalie and Nate came to visit Oklahoma! We had so much fun while they were here. We went to the rodeo, hung out in Norman, had a cousin's day at Chuck E. Cheese! I tried to convince them both to move here and become Sooners!


August Sonic went out of business. No, I kid. I stopped drinking soda in August and I'm sure that Sonic saw the decrease in profits! ha! Overall August was kind of an off month. Natalie and Nate were here at the beginning of the month. Abbi got married! I spent the month just working and trying to catch up on life.


Be Still My Heart! Football freaking finally started! Seriously, I could have not been more excited. All of our hopes and dreams for this football season were crushed pretty early on with all of the injuries. But it didn't stop me from cheering on my Sooners! I dragged Garrett to the Idaho State game, in the freezing cold rain. I posted this picture post of G and I trying to get a good picture. I made the cutest cupcakes of my life. I bragged that cops don't ever see me and pull me over. And Scott was the first to turn 27. ick!


This is me sitting in some strange man's car when I got my first flat tire, October was the month of two flat tires on the side of the road, which four new tires. I also got a new transmission. It was an expensive car month. October was more football, lots of movies and some pretty fun times!


I got my first ever speeding ticket, so sad. It was also more football and the first good Thanksgiving in three years. Grandma I think you must have been pretty proud of us for getting it figured out!

December was a super crazy month. I got to see Christie, Scott, Natalie, and Nathan. I drove well over 1,000 miles in a week trying to spend as much time as possible with everyone. But, by far the thing I will always remember about December 2009 is the great Blizzard and white out in Norman. I got stuck at Garrett's house and we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together with very little food. It was interesting to say the least. But, it will be some good memories that's for sure.

I'm so behind in my posting. I had planned to post this on New Year's Eve but didn't get around to finishing it. I want to get my Christmas pictures up on here. Mostly for myself. I have some other things that have been pushed aside but I want to get up on the blog. I did not make my goal of posting every day in December (dang it I was so close) and I'm not trying to do it this month (though I have enough content.)

For now I am sure this is long enough! I'll get caught eventually!

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