Saturday, January 16, 2010


I had a lot of things planned for this Saturday. I was going to go to the library, there is some research I want to do. My car needs to be cleaned out, so badly it's horrible. I mean I think people at stop lights are judging me.

But, so far the sun has not showed up and I am enjoying a day in the house with nothing else to do but hang out with one of my favorites.

We are going to eat some Red Beans I made in the crock pot.

And some Brown Rice I'm making as I type.

Watching a marathon of

On Bravo!

Seriously does anyone love ANTM marathon's as much as I do?!? I love days where I can watch them without any interruptions! so. much. fun.

And during the commercials I am reading this.

But, it's still early. Who knows what I will end up getting done today.

But, if it isn't a darn thing I think I'm okay with it!

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Mad-hatter said...

Great blog!
I love ANTM!
And food... haha you just fulfilled my 2 requirements for blog enjoyment.

I too have a blog.
Follow this link if you so desire.