Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 goals

Here are the things I wanted to accomplish in 2009. Let's see how I did. Not so good I'm afraid. Ha! This year we have a better set up I do believe.

1. I want to have meetings set up in JANUARY with BS and BB Garrett really fell off the boat on this one and it wasn't one I was interested in doing myself. So, I don't take full responsibility for it. We have decided to take a different approach and I think that it make work out better in 2010!

2. I want to have 500 songs (I currently have 113) on my ipod in FEBRUARY (I'll have had it one year) This one is FAIL! I have 164 songs now. Dang it. I think on Friday's Show Us your life post I will request everyone's favorite song and dl them!

3. Send in at least one of my Secrets to postsecret by MARCH The secret I was sure I needed to send it I didn't At some point it became a not secret any more. So, I need to think of a new one.

4. I want to be at my goal weight by APRIL
I'm pretty sure April was when I quit WW and at this point I am not even close to my goal weight. Dang it.

5. Have at least 100 (2009) blog posts in MAY I was only at 78 :( but I did make it to 196 in 2009 and I think that is pretty good.

6. I want to have read Walden by JUNE This goal is about to be forgotten I have been trying to get that damn book read for YEARS!!

7. I want to go really really blonde by JULY (maybe) Success! I believe I started going blonde in March? But, I was for sure really blonde by July! woo hoo!

8. Have all of the starting and back up Sooners numbers and positions memorized in AUGUST To stay on top I would have had to have the fouth and fifth string guys memorized. I didn't do it :(

9. Attend at least 1 away game in SEPTEMBER We went to no away games this year. boo!

10. I want to run a 5k in OCTOBER
Instead of running in 2009 I stopped running in 2009. Dang it!

11.Visit Natalie's (are you kidding? when did she get so old?) dorm room by NOVEMBER
Nope, but I did visit FSU in the summer and saw where she was going to be living. I hope this counts a little.

12. Send Christmas cards in DECEMBER (I was really thinking hard about putting turn 27...) Decebmer I was swamped. Do you think it would be okay if I went ahead and bought some on sale Christmas cards and got them by say February? I could write in them in December but go ahead and get them all addressed and stamped? I think I might just do that!

Okay well I didn't do very well on my 2009 "goals" but, I think I'm doing a decent job on my list. And I've thought long and hard about this years and I will for sure try to do a bit better in 2010!

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