Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the busiest 8 days ever.

In my head this post has pictures.

In reality I am just too exhausted to sort/upload them.

It has been one crazy week.

Let's review. Shall we?

12/21- After about 3 hours of sleep I woke up at the crack of dawn drove to the airport to pick up Christie (yay!) We spent all day shopping and lunching and chatting and enjoying each other. It was heavenly! Meanwhile Natalie and Nathan were arriving in the 405.

12/22- Woke up entirely too early after not enough sleep and drove back Oklahoma to work a full day. Went home had a chili party with family saw Natalie and Nathan (yay!) and had to make a cake for Garrett's birthday. Stayed up WAY too late trying to finish the three layer cake complete with fondant.

12/23- Worked a full day. Headed down to Norman for Garrett's Birthday (yay!) dinner, and to his parentals house for celebrating. Long-late day.

12/24-Woke up to find the snow and bad roads. Was told we shouldn't risk the drive back to Grammy's wanted desperately to see Natalie and Nathan. Just couldn't make it. I was pretty upset most of the day. Made a Risky move to head to the mall. Didn't die. barely.

12/25-Decided we needed to try and get food. We had none. After hours of digging out the cars there was hope. I was going to try and head home! Got stuck in the snow, and rescued by Garrett and his Dad (yay!) Finally made it home. Exhausted.

12/26-Family Christmas finally happens! Everyone made it safe. Jack couldn't stay :( But, overall it was a sucess.

12/27-N&N were going crazy stuck in the house. My car was stuck on ice patch. The three Florida kids totally got it out! We went to the mall for a tiny bit of shopping and Sherlock Holmes. Jeffrey went too. After that I gave N&N their Christmas presents. And headed on the road to Tulsa, got there and hugged Scott (yay!)

12/28-Scott and I shopped all day long (he only shops when I'm around so once maybe twice a year) We lunched. And then dinnered with Brad, Jenny, and Kylah after dinner we played some cards. I won of coures. And then headed to QT (yay!) and to Scott's house to clean out some stuff in his childhood room. fun! Stayed up way too late soaking up some good Scott time. N&N headed back to FL (boo!)

12/29-Got up at the crack of dawn and headed to work. For a full day.

Garrett says I have horrible Dark Eye Circles and said "you look like your forty" grrreat. I've been working really hard at work trying to be able to take tomorrow off but there is just no such luck. I hope to get out of their early. To be able to watch my Sooners get a much wanted/needed win! After that I may be ringing in 2010 sleeping. Ha!

I well update more about each event when I get the pictures ready. I had a really great time seeing everyone. I just wish I could have had more time with them. It's too bad I had to fit four of my favorite people in the entire world into 8 days, along with work, and as Garrett said his regular needed quality time. ha!

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