Thursday, December 17, 2009

a first

Wednesday Garrett called and asked if I wanted to go to Victoria's for dinner to celebrate. I did of course! (even though I had it Monday for my birthday and leftovers Tuesday) ya I have no idea what we were celebrating either. I love me some pesto.

When I got to his house he asked me if when I said yes to Victoria's I really meant Charleston's, and I said that would be fine (it was my second Birthday choice anyway). We hadn't been to Charleston's in a really long time (for awhile we were eating there a couple of times a week) So, I thought it was a good idea.

-Sidenote Garrett gets really excited about one food/restaurant and we eat it all the time. Most recently it was Pineapple fried rice (so yummy) We probably ate it at the very least twice a week for two or so months.-

So, anyway we head to Charleston's at about 7:00 (on a Wednesday, remember) and the parking lot was packed. No spots. I have never seen it that busy, not even on a weekend. There were people driving around looking for parking spots waiting for someone to leave. So, Garrett decided to head to Victoria's after all.

We drove about a mile away and Garrett did a U-turn in the middle of the road and headed back to Charleston's. This time we found a parking spot, went inside waited the 5-10 minutes and got seated. The nice waitress Lizzie took our drink orders and told us she'd be right back. I was looking over the menu trying to figure out what I wanted. But, I just couldn't decide. I kept asking Garrett what he was getting (so I could eat off his plate and get whatever I got as well). He kept telling me he didn't know yet. Lizzie came back over and asked if we needed a minute, and I did (which I never do at Charleston's). There was nothing I wanted/too much that I wanted.

Garrett finally said We could just leave. I laughed. And said, if only we had cash so we could leave her a little bit of a tip. I had a dollar, but was he brave enough to do it and uh was I? Garrett looked and he had a dollar too! So, he went and got Lizzie and gave her the two dollars told her nothing looked good so we were gonna go ahead and leave. And we walked out, it was the first time I have ever done anything like that. So scary!

We headed to Victoria's laughed at all the signs that told us to go their in the first place. Ate some yummy, yummy pesto and laughed at how funny it was to get up and leave a restaurant. (I had left over pesto last night for dinner) Think I can get some tonight and make it 5 nights in a row? ha!

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