Saturday, December 5, 2009

so yummy!

I didn't do much today, I had a very lazy day. Watching football. Sadly, not my beloved SOONERS. But, it was still a good relaxing day. Before the Big XII Championship game started I ran out to get some Pilsbury Savorings. They are so good! I am a big fan of them! My favorite are the Buffalo Style Chicken. I'm sure they are terrible for you, but I just didn't look because I've been right on track all week and really had the calories to spare today.
On another note I have to say I was not sad to see Florida lose to Alabama. I really couldn't believe that Tim Tebow was crying on tv AGAIN. really? That guy just really gets under my skin. ESPN does not help the matter with their daily Tebow love fests. ugh. oh well. I'm really ready to get to next football season. ha! When a bunch of FSU friends will be coming up to watch some OU v. fsu football!

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