Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The UPS man stopped by today, I had been crying a bit, I was reading a blog and I've been an emotional wreck the last few days, so the blog was making me bawl. I wasn't crying when he walked in, but I'm sure my eyes were red and puffy.

He asked if I would take a package for my neighbor, I asked which one because the one to the left doesn't like it when they leave them with us (I think because we aren't here as often as the people across the hall) it was the lady to the right. I said sure.

I was standing up, because I'm still having issues with the proper etiquette on collecting mail. He was training another guy, so he was talking through everything he was going to do. "I'm going to leave her a note on her door so she knows where to get the package" he says.

Then he says

"you're sweet"

and I didn't know what to say because I mean I was just taking the package no big deal right? or maybe he meant because I'm always so nice and polite? or maybe he felt bad for me because my eyes were all puffy? so, I was stammering trying to think of what to say to this nice guy when he looked at me and said...

"uh what suite are you in?"

Oh, I felt like an idiot. I'm so glad I did not manage to form words together that would indicate what I thought he meant....