Monday, December 14, 2009

A Birthday Story.

In honor of My birthday.

I don't remember a lot of my birthday presents from when I was younger. It's not that I didn't get Birthday presents, I did. My mom always wrapped them in Birthday wrapping paper (thanks Mom!) It's not that I didn't get great remember worthy birthday presents, I did. It's just my birthday is 11 days before Christmas and it's sometimes hard to remember what I received for my birthday and what I received for Christmas.

There is one birthday that will forever stand out in my mind, I will always remember what I got. I don't remember how old I was but it was BN (before Natalie). There was something I wanted more than anything in the whole world...a My Buddy Doll. I loved that commercial.

My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy
Where I goooo. Heeee goes.
My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy
My Buddy and meeeee.

Right off the bat looking at my presents I could tell that one was the perfect size and shape to be my hearts desire. Being the kid I was I slowly opened the other presents and saved that one for last. The anticipation made it so sweet. It finally came time to open that last one and I remember everything about that present the size, the wrapping paper, it had no bow. What I don't remember if I was singing about My Buddy and me when I was opening the present, but I think I was.

I opened it.

And much to my horror, it was not a My Buddy.

It was Kid Sister, My Buddy's after thought of doll to give to girls. I remember that she was introduced later than My Buddy. I remember being annoyed when they added her to his commercial.

I didn't want Mom to feel bad for getting me the absolute wrong present (I've never returned a present and can't imagine that I ever will). I remember trying to be excited. Trying to act happy. I did not want to hurt my Mom's feelings. She always tried so hard to get me what I wanted to make every present special. I played with that Kid Sister. I let her meet my other dolls and stuffed animals. I was nice to her. But, she was a girl.

Either I was a bad hider of my disappointment and my Mom felt bad or Santa just had an extra My Buddy laying around, but 11 days later I got My Buddy and I could have not been happier.

For your viewing pleasure:

Happy Birthday to Me!

What's the best/worst birthday present you ever got?

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christie said...

you lucky girl!! kid sister and a my buddy... and then later a real kid sister and kid brother. nice!

i don't think i ever got presents that had commercials. i thought that stuff was just for other kids.

happy birthday! i'm so glad you're my friend :)