Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Court part 2

I drove to court this morning, in the outfit I picked out last night. Thinking positive thoughts and having imaginary conversations with the judge, (I always wanted to be a judge, it's just the Socratic Method of law school terrifies me). It was raining and freezing (literally) so I had to drive very slowly.

I slept fine after watching Legally Blonde (like my oh so very brave, much younger sister suggested) but I woke up at 4:30am in anticipation.

I decided where to park, walked through the metal detector and sent my purse through the scanner, then I read the sign that said you did not need to see the judge if you were pleading guilty or no contest. So, I asked the information lady about it, she informed me that they don't reduce tickets that aren't going on your record, and I couldn't see the judge unless I wanted more time to pay the ticket.

So, I paid it.

and left. and paid $1.00 to park. that's right it cost me an extra dollar to do all of this.

got to work WAY early.

I was pretty disappointed because I was ready for the challenge and I was going to get my ticket reduced! yay!

not so much.

I blame Garrett.

he owes me a dollar!

At least I did a grown up thing that I would have normally never even thought about.

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