Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ode to Pookie

Garrett you are my BEST friend
And I’ll be around until the end!
Or until you find a wife,
That tells me to get the heck out of your life.
Before you were born my life was real dreary.
But, at 9 days old it got super cheery.
It took us 19 years to meet.
But it was friends at first sight, because we both like to eat?
You laugh because I never know the movie or song.
When I just KNOW I’m right, you prove me wrong.
Someday I’ll learn to say how instead of why.
Cause you never know why! You’re oh so sly.
You drive me mad when you poke at my fat.
But, you’ve never once called me a dingbat.
When I cook for you I get so much praise.
And you think I’m the best at navigating freeways!
You jump higher than anyone I ever saw,
Even our hero Bob Stoops would be in awe!
You never want kids and I want many,
Don’t worry; when you’re old mine will visit you plenty.
I got you an A in Zoology and helped you pass the CPA
I hope this means our friendship will never be passé.
The thing you love most is popcorn.
Sometimes you’re so helpless I think you’re a newborn.
You won’t let me touch your head because of the flow.
You’re the best nap taker that I know.
You are only imagining my Pain-Body.
I hardly ever tell you, but I think you’re a hottie!
We’re so awesome at changing a headlight.
The two of us together are quite bright!
Sometimes you’re a World of Warcraft geek.
Your mouth oftentimes looks like a beak.
Sometimes you make me mad and I have to use the word hate.
But, I want the Universe to know I think you’re really super great!!

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