Monday, December 12, 2011

The end is near!

Of the semester that is!

I got almost no sleep this weekend.

Which is completely against everything I believe in for finals week.

The dark circles under my eyes are so horrible there is no hiding them, but I'll keep trying.

Emily over at In the Life of Emily had a good post about preparing for finals...and even though I've had a few more semesters of college than she has, I found her finals motto to be such a great idea and one I'm going to be "borrowing" for sure...

"Dress well to test well"

Seriously it makes so much sense, while I still think it's important to be comfortable (no one wants to be messing with their clothes while they take a test). You better believe I'll have on my cutest outfits tomorrow and Wednesday!

Best to luck if you are testing this week!

1 comment:

Michelle P said...

I only have 1 more final to take, thank god!