Thursday, January 6, 2011


I never meant to go on this vacation and unplug from the world. I had to plans to blog our vacation as it went along. But, instead I turned off my computer, and more surprisingly my cell phone and have embraced this adventure (and oh what an adventure it has been)!

I will blog about our trip but in order to stay up on my New Year’s resolutions I thought I’d better blog a recipe before this week gets away from me. Since I have been spoiled beyond belief this week with delicious meals I haven’t even thought of cooking. These cookies Garrett’s Mom makes are AMAZING (hopefully I can share) and I wake up to bacon every single morning am I in heaven?

Oreo Truffles and Nutter Butter Balls are so super easy to make and everyone loves them!!

1. get a package of cookies (oreos or nutter butters)

2. crush them up (in a food processor)

3. Stir in a brick of cream cheese

4. shape mixture into balls.

5. put balls in the freezer for a bit.

6. Melt almond bark. (I like white chocolate for oreo, and milk for nutter butter)

7. dip balls in melted almond bark.

8. put chocolate covered balls on wax paper.


food 015

Really mine are usually prettier than this, but this bunch was made very, very late at night for a last minute boys poker game and I just didn’t care about pretty!!

I hope everyone’s New Year has started out great! So far so good around here! But we are on vacation :)

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Emily Silver said...

Um this looks SO yummy!