Monday, January 10, 2011

365–Week 1

The first week of January was crazy! We went from Phoenix to Denver and spent the whole week vacationing!

January 2011

1. Flying into Phoenix I was so, so excited to see all the snow! and the Mountains!

2. We sent our luggage to Denver with Garrett’s parents and as soon as we arrived I busted that thing open, I missed my stuff! ha!

3. Monday was such a lazy day of recovering I spent the day in my littlemissmatched socks!

4. Tuesday was our first day skiing!

5. Wednesday was day two of skiing (I never made it down that slope, but it was fun to watch other people come down!)

6. We saw two huge heads of Elk. I was so freaking excited!!

7. Garrett headed back to the ski slopes I opted to stay home, and went for a lovely walk. I wish I could take a picture of how clean it smelled up on that mountain!


Tomorrow I’ll start the posts of our Grand Adventure!!! Today it was back to work, and school. I wish we had gotten a snow day!

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Emily Silver said...

Fun fun fun!! How were you at skiing?