Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello…hello…is this thing on??

I really hate it when bloggers don’t write anything for a long time and then they come back and their whole post is dedicated to apologizing, I have no desire to read you tell me how sorry you are…so…I hope the rest of you feel that way…because we are just moving right along and pretending like I never missed a beat!

All the time I used to spend blogging I’ve been spending reading (for fun, I read for school to that’s just not worth talking about) I forgot how much I love to read and how addicting I find it. I just can’t stop.


I needed to jump back in to my good ol’ Windows Live Writer (do any of you use that, it’s the BEST for adding pictures to blog posts) because I just had to tell you about two fun Valentine’s Day Swaps that are coming up!!!

I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan….but oh how I love swapping!!

Here’s the 411 (oh hello Ashlee from 1994)


You have to sign up by tomorrow (Friday) if you want to to join this one…You can visit Neely, Courtney or Sam to find out all the details!


Meg the lovely host of the Mitten Mixer is hosting another swap!! Head on over to Meg’s blog and get signed up

Okay that’s it for tonight (this post took me for ever to write because I stopped and went (in my pjs) to get some Fro Yo with the boy!!

Have a Happy Happy Friday!

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