Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I don't have much to say - or maybe I have too much to say?

Either way I stare at the blank blogger screen like this most days.

Attractive I know... 

So here are some bullet points - my favorite:

- I swear my dress in that pictures isn't low cut I don't know why it looks so scandalous

- I went to the J Crew Factory yesterday and got 3 dresses and 2 skirts for $160 Super good deal!

- I hope Garrett doesn't read that ^ he doesn't need to know I spent any money :)

- I just bought all new skin care, because it seemed cheaper than Botox. Maybe I can hold off the needles for a little while longer...

- I'm starting a juice cleanse next week and I am ridiculously excited about it.

- I don't like Feedly or Bloglovin. I am going to miss Google Reader so so much!

- I got stuck in a dress at Old Navy I couldn't unzip the zipper by myself (I couldn't zip it up either so I took it off, zipped it, and slipped it over my head, I'm brilliant I tell you...) It was awful I started sweating at the thought of having to ask someone to unzip me. I finally got it off by myself, but it was traumatic. I did not buy the dress.

- Most of my sentences lately seem to be run on sentences with multiple commas.

- sometimes I notice people leave words out or misuse of words like to instead of too or no instead of know on blogs of people who I know get their posts printed in blog books. I think it's rude to correct people (especially in the comments!) but I sometimes want to email them and let them know because I hate for there to be errors in their book.

- I'm pretty sure I know someone who has a child that's way smarter than you average child and I'm not sure how to broach that subject, but then I think anyone would be happy to hear "Hey I think your kid might be a genius - like for real" -  I don't know a lot but I know a little and I'd like to offer some suggestions but not step on toes...

- I think I'll go to Target after work.

- If work ever ends...

- I think my body decided to give up sleep for Lent. I am so tired all the time but I just can't sleep.

- Garrett has Friday off for Good Friday and I'm insanely jealous. 

All right that's it for now. I'll be back sooner than later.


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Amanda said...

I feel like I have days like this way too often. And I also try to avoid run on sentences, but then I just can't stop, which is bad. Hope now that it's after lent you're sleeping better!