Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I signed up for a scarf swap on another blog (don't tell Garrett he hates swaps), and I figured if I was going to leave my blog address I might want to update the thing.

So I changed the url (ouashlee.blogspot.com) to match every other form of social media I have and here I am.

My life has been so boring I spend every second studying for the CPA exam or working or sleeping.

This is how we spend most of our days me on the computer Kuddles staring, wishing I was paying more attention. Me teaching her about accounting. Fun times.

We went to Colorado for a week and it was much needed and very relaxing. I read three books that had nothing to do with accounting or exams. Not my best use of time but it was nice.

Oh Garrett bought a house in Norman so we are moving down there at the end of the month! My work commute will be longer but I sure do love that little town and I'm excited to be there just in time for football season! (Even if I probably won't be watching any football this season...)

That pretty much sums up my summer, maybe I'll make it back again someday soon...

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