Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sister Trip!

My sister and I are planning a road trip from Oklahoma to Florida and I'm so excited! It was kind of last minute trip so I am busy planning all the fun stops and photo ops between here and my sisters house. 

We plan on taking our time and just enjoying the journey! I'm super excited because we are planning a little detour to check out the store Unclaimed Baggage where they sell your stuff that the airlines lost. I saw a show about the store when I was younger and I've always wanted to go! I'm super excited to check it out for myself!

I love packing snacks for the road and also finding fun places to eat along the way. No chains for us! We want to eat at fun local places! I love to listen to books on cd as we drive too it's a good way to zone out! And of course we will need a summer road trip play list, sadly for me (and my sister) I can't take a break from studying so I'll be doing a lot of that on the trip and Natalie will spend her non-driving time quizzing me on my index cards. Either way I think we're going to have a ton of fun!

Now I'm off to make a list of outfits to pack, road trip clothes must be cute and comfy!

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