Monday, January 12, 2015

My (not so big, not so exciting) Return.

It's been over a year since I stopped by this little slice of the internet to write anything. I've stopped by a few times looking for things in the archives and I didn't really have any intentions of coming back. It's just blogging isn't really my thing.

Then a few days ago I went to get a recipe from pintrest and the blogger had shut down her blog and I have no way of getting it! I'm so sad because that fried quinoa was so much better than any others I've tried.

That sad sad loss paired with Garrett saying that I make the most delicious things once and then never make them again (and then forget what recipe I used...oops) made me think I should come back and keep track of things we like. I hate to turn this into a place that only tracks what I eat so I might throw in a few other posts every once in awhile.

Or maybe not...I have no desire to become a blogger, so who cares what it becomes! There won't be any new year's resolutions about how many posts I will write or "growing my space" I can (almost) promise there won't be any boring weekend recaps of my weekend that was spent reading and watching football. It will just be me looking for a place to keep track of some things that I'm always misplacing!

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