Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

* I stole this image right off Shay's April goal blog post!

1. Read 18 books - I know it might seem like a lot but it will bring my yearly goal to 40 and plenty ahead for my goal of 100 for the year! You can see what I'm reading on Goodreads (spoiler there's a whole lot of fluff, Pretty Little Liars, etc)

2. Count Calories - use my fitness pal no matter what

3. Dink 64 oz of water a day - I'm pretty good about drinking only water but I have to think about it to drink it

4. ACV - Drinking apple cider vinegar has so many health benefits and I notice a difference in my skin and my cravings when I drink it consistently

5. Fitbit 150,000 steps - I finally bought a fitbit when I decided that my Gobe was never going to show up. I have a ways to go before I'm getting 10,000 steps a day (I work at a desk and have a two hour commute - that's a lot of sitting) so I will start with a more manageable goal of 5,000 steps a day (oh and remembering to wear it every day!

6. 30 minutes of exercise 4 times every week - can you tell I'm trying to get healthier/lose weight

7. Clarisonic - use it daily, this like the ACV is practically a miracle worker if I'll just use it consistently. I'm really bad about just using a face wipe. 

8. Don't spend any money - I will have to buy gas, groceries, etc. This means no makeup, no clothes, no lunches out, no fun little things at Target. Just the real actual necessities. 

9. Turn my handwriting into a font - because how fun is that!

10. Scan 1,000 pictures - ambitious, probably but I really need to get all my old prints scanned and saved.  

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