Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Save Florida

Well, it's been awhile. I'm at work now waiting for something to do. I've been busy this morning and that's a nice change of pace. There isn't too much to say today, I was thinking of sharing with you my idea on water conservation. It seems that many people in the world think that we should conserve our water by turning it off while brushing our teeth. These folks also spout of "facts" about the water we would save if we shortened our showers by one minute every day. My question is how many of these people are the same people that are crying about global warming, many I assume are one in the same. The problem I find in this is if the world is warming up at an unnatural rate (which is obviously why we had the ice storms in the mid-west this year) and all of our polar ice caps are melting as a result, then isn't the world going to be flooded by all of this extra water? Isn't Florida my beloved home going to become no more than fabled land much like Atlantis? So, if we are in fact suffering from global warming (which I suspect we are not) then isn't it my duty to try and use as much melting polar ice cap water as I possibly can? I believe it is. So, in order to do my duties as not only an American citizen but also as a member of my global community I vow to leave the water on while I brush my teeth, and to lengthen my showers by two minutes everyday. I vow to run the dishwasher when it is half empty and wash my clothes in smaller loads. I hope you too will join me on my quest to SAVE FLORIDA FROM THE FLOODS!!!

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