Thursday, May 7, 2009

scaredy cat

Last night I ran to Target right before they closed.

When I got back the garage door was open. If my dog hadn't been inside I would have turned around and found somewhere else to sleep.

Alas, Kuddles was inside and I decided to be brave and enter the house praying I didn't get murdered. I was on the phone. I choose to believe that Scott would be able to help if something were to happen to me. I walked through the house checking behind every couch, in every closet, and under the beds, pretty much anywhere any sized human could fit. I found nothing. But, was pretty convinced that was because whoever was in there was hiding in the attic.

One of my friends texted me and I let him know I probably wouldn't make it though the night. So, at least that way two people knew what happened to me.

I slept with my contacts in because I am scared to death that I'll get kidnapped in the middle of the night and won't be able to see a thing. I moved the chest of drawers in front of my door and had a horrible nights sleep.

Tonight I will not be sleeping at home.

There has to be some way you can teach your children to be safe and cautious of their surroundings without making them neurotic individuals. My mom did not accomplish that with me, I hope I can do better for my children. Note to self scare tactic does NOT work!

In case you're wondering NEITHER of the people who knew what had happened called/texted/emailed me today to make sure I made it though the night! EW!

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Giant Sis said...

i would have done the same thing. i HAVE done the same thing - if i came home and found a door unlocked or if we didn't set the security alarm (when we have one). i'm neurotic about it - and that's with 2 barky dogs! i'm glad you're alive still.