Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guy, dishes, and no pancakes?

The other day I went to breakfast at the Diner in Norman, they open at 6:30 and I believe we were the first people there. I was pretty excited because there is something fun about getting up early just to go eat breakfast! We seated ourselves in the old booths that lined the walls and ordered some breakfast! Yummy!
I noticed on the wall that Guy had eaten there (ironically I noticed just a second after I said aloud, Guy needs to come here for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! I know if he came with the show though because the last restaurant that I was at that he was at said that it was on the show. But, I do know he left this all the same! In May? How fun!
Sadly, I did not have the (blueberry) pancakes which are supposed to be the best part about The Diner, so I will for sure head back at some point to give them a try! The homefries were so delish! My only complaint was that when we started to pay, the waitress said, we don't take cards...what?!? Who carries cash? Not me! Does that mean we have to dishes?
We did not have to do dishes...but I did have to sit there and wait all alone until my friend returned with CASH to pay the nice people, and that was a little tough for my doesn't like to be alone self. I wonder if that counts as eating alone in a restaurant with wait staff from my 101 list? (which I promise I will be updating VERY soon!) oh well it probably doesn't!

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christie said...

that's cool that you ate where guy ate! if you didn't eat the pancakes... why do you have a picture of them?

maybe write them a letter of suggestion to start taking cards. couldn't hurt. ;)

i wanna go there with you sometime, but not at 6:30.