Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Favorite....

6 year old boy!

For two years I spent almost every single day with this sweet kid. And, last month I saw him for the first time in over a year!

He is one of the most amazing children I have ever met. He plays the piano like you wouldn't believe, he's gotten even better. His little 4yo self used to play video games with me and then stop and run to the piano to play what we had just heard (he did it with regular songs too). AMAZING!

He just finished kindergarten and he can read anything. He can add and subtract (no big deal) he can multiply and divide and is currently working on long division. AMAZING! We were playing Monopoly (you know the regular kind) and he landed on a Utility and asked me what the rent was, I explained to him that it was four times whatever was on the dice, you multiply the number on the dice by 4 and that's how much and he said without missing a beat "so I owe you $16". AMAZING!

But, not only is he musically gifted and WAY too smart of a kindergartner he's athletic. We were playing catch with a baseball (after he complimented my football throwing skills! bless his little heart I am sure that I will never hear that again, and CERTAINLY not from a male!) let me tell you that he threw that baseball so hard we had to implement the bounce once rule (it had to bounce once before I could catch it) because I thought he'd broken my finger. It turns out he is quite the little baseball player, he skipped t-ball all together and went straight to pitching machine (they even put him on the mound a few times) he only struck out 3 times and was at bat like 41 times? (they assure me that is AMAZING) and he was the only kid to catch a fly ball for an out in the WHOLE season and he was playing with kids two years older than him! He is Amazing!

He is the sweetest little guy and I miss being able to hang out with him, while I was there we did all the things we used to love to do and he started planning for when I came back over. Sadly, it won't be anytime in the near future. He is one amazing kid and I am excited to see who he becomes!

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