Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Best

There are not many things I claim to be the best at. I know I'm not the best daughter, friend, niece, granddaughter, or sister. I know I'm not the best driver, swimmer, trivia-knower, dresser, blogger, baker, or picture taker. I might be the worst speller, package sender, and messiest eater in the entire universe.

But, I believe that I am hands down the best cousin.

Last night two of my favorite (they're all my favorite) smallest cousins came to spend the night. Sadly, I had to work so our time was short. But, full of so much fun! We played blocks and cars and with barbie laptops, we baked cupcakes and got guns for a water fight.

And when it was time for bed and the sweetest little three year old face asked me if I would "pwease sweep on a pallet on the floor with them". I just couldn't say no. I mean I thought about it. I even offered to let both small cousins sleep in my bed with me. But, he really wanted a I said yes. And the most heartfelt happy YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY that followed made the tossing and turning and terrible sleep I got last night worth every second of it.

I realize this is not the best picture of any of us. But, deal with it!

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