Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cooking and Freezing

I love cooking and freezing! First of all it really cuts down on the eating out I do with Garrett if there is something already made. Second, I know what's going into everything so that helps me not eat things I try to avoid, and lets me count the WW points. Third, I only have to clean the kitchen once! I HATE cleaning the kitchen!

With this one trip to the grocery store (and one trip to the place I buy my meat) and $130 I made the following things:

  1. Chicken and Rice
  2. Manicotti
  3. Mexican Casserole (for lack of a better name)
  4. Lasagna
  5. Meatloaf Muffins
  6. Black Bean Burgers w/ Mango and Avacado Salsa
  7. Spinach Pesto
  8. Cream Spinach
  9. Twice Baked Potatoes
It doesn't look like so much when I type it out but, the Chicken and Rice and Mexican Casserole make three pans full (each pan is one meal for the two of us, as well as leftover lunch for one). The Manicotti and Lasagna make 4 pans full (the Manicotti might not be enough for two people but I only eat one with lots of veggies as a side and that leaves three) Meatloaf Muffins makes about 12 muffins. Black Bean Burgers make 6. The Spinach Pesto this time was my first time and it made a TON! I have no idea how long we will be eating that! The Cream Spinach I did not freeze but we ate it like 4 or 5 times with meals (dinner and lunches). And I made 22 Twice Baked Potatoes so that's enough for a small army.

Okay tomorrow I'll post the first recipe!


christie said...

i'll be right over for dinner!

omg, 22 potatoes.

way to go, 'shlee!!

Giant Sis said...

whoa - that ALMOST inspires me to do that too! hmmmm, good idea!

J. Lee Elliott said...

I've often thought about doing this... cooking lots at one time then freezing it... but I'm always hesitant because often, food doesn't taste as good once you reheat it. Do you find this is the case with yours?

Hahaha... sorry for all the random comments. I was on the and reading random people's lists to get ideas for my own (I'm CandyStar on there) and noticed that you have a lot of blogging goals... and since I'm trying to get into blogging regularly, I thought I'd support your blogging efforts by commenting. :) Good luck with your list!

Jennifer Boehm said...

I hate cleaning the kitchen!!!!!! You make a ton of stuff with the groceries and meat you buy!!!!!! You should be a chief!!!!! Wow!!!!!