Saturday, April 24, 2010

My inspiration.

About a month ago, Garrett's office signed up to run in a 5k. G told me I could come and cheer him on! I was pretty excited but I resisted the urge to make a t-shirt that said "Run Pookie Run!" We did dress up the Kuddle Bug and brought her with us!

Garrett seemed pretty excited too! He told me his goal was to run the 5k in under 22 minutes. A pretty reasonable time for someone who used to be able to run a 5k in 17ish minutes, back when he ran track in college. He didn't run at all before it was time to go out for the 5k, he was just gonna wing it.

Saturday morning before the run he thought he should get some carbs for the race, so we headed to La Baguette and he got his normal order of two sides of French Toast (but didn't eat the entire basket of french fries).

He took off at the start and I excitedly waited and waited and waited for him to cross the finish line, as his goal time came and went. Finally, I saw him in the distance!

It was pretty exciting for me to see all those people running and sweating and they all seemed so happy to be crossing the finish line. I thought to myself, that looks like SO MUCH fun!

As Garrett got closer he looked a little tired, I think at this point he saw that his time wasn't quite what he expected.

But, still it looked like so much fun!

Does he look like he's going to die?

I'm pretty sure he felt like he was going to.

He was pretty disappointed with his time so I didn't take a picture as he crossed the finish line.

I was proud of him, and I got a great idea. Maybe you could start running and so could I and then we could run another 5k!!! So, the plans started forming and the next thing I knew we both had one month to get ready for this race.

Next Saturday Garrett tries to improve his 5k time (and not feel like he's going to die), I'm going to try to not be the very last person to finish, My cousin Blake is coming along and he will either be running next to me "encouraging me and pouring water on me" as he said last night or trying to win his age division, and two co-workers from Garrett's office will try to beat their times (to which my response was GREAT more people to see me finish last!)

I seriously have never ever run for any extended period of time in my WHOLE life. I once told a PE teacher I wasn't made to run I was made to "walk and talk" And, I'm starting to think I was crazy and that my decision was a result of contagious runner's high (from all those other crazy people).

But, I'll do it, and I'll finish (even if it's last) and then I'll start trying to improve for the one I've signed up for in June.....


Jennifer Boehm said...

Your brother is amazing!!!!!! I hope you win the race in june!!!!!!! Practice makes perfect!!!!!!! When you practice, know your limits!!!!!!!!!!

The Spencer Trio said...

Yea!!! Which race are you running in June?!

J. Lee Elliott said...

Running = Masochism. Haha! Good luck! I could never even begin to attempt something like this. :)

Also, I think your attempt at reply-by-email failed, since I have received no email. :(