Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Farm

One of Garrett's new life goals is to be a farmer. It's okay you can laugh...I did.

But, someday Garrett will inherit a farm. And he thinks instead of selling it off he's going to farm it. So, he's been spending time with his grandpa learning about how to be a farmer. I've been wanting to get down to that farm because I want to touch a cow.

Not too long ago my wish came true. To the Farm we went!

Garrett Driving a truck...

I've been wanting to get down to that farm because I want to touch a cow. And this farm has cows!

See I was there....

You might remember that #30 on the list is to pet a cow.

Garrett opening the gate to the cows!
(seriously he does not look like a farmer)

What you might not know is the story behind why I have never touched a cow.

Look at all those COWS!!!
Sometimes I'm still a little bit shocked that Oklahoma is pretty.

In 6th grade my science teacher told us if a cow gets your hand in her mouth (my mind imagines a vicious attacking cow) it will crush all of the bones in our hand beyond repair.

Wanna know why I'll never be a farmer?
Because I wore flip flops to the farm.

He also told us that the cow won't ever stop chewing it and I think might have said something about turning into paste. I've forever had visions of this happening and won't touch a cow, for the safety of my hand. But, I really want to pet one and hug it and love it....

Does this puppy look vicious? No! She looks sweet and cuddly!

So the farm was finally my chance!!!

So many cows!
There were a ton of baby cows! (yes I know they are called calves)
I loved them all!

But, do you know not one of those darn cows let me any where near close enough to touch it.


I decided that cows are a little bit dirty, but one of those suckers is going to let me touch her!

Next time I'll bring treats! And when those things get close enough I'll touch them! And toss the treat because if you think I'll let a cows mouth anywhere near my hand you're crazy.


christie said...

you're getting closer to the dream.

bring apples, they like apples. once i fed an apple to a cow on my great uncle's farm and it slobbered all over my... wait for it... hand! he didn't bite me and crush all my hand bones. he was more interested in the apple.

cute pics :)

riddle me that said...

I'm very sure it was just dumb luck that you didn't get your hand pulverized!

and for that you should thank your lucky stars...daily!

next time i'll have apples!

Rita said...

the next time you're in bradenton, go to my parents' house. they have lots of cows that aren't afraid of people. and they let you touch them! you can even feed them hay - just keep your hand open so they only lick your palm. that way they won't crush you. seriously! i've done it! i even fed the cows on my wedding day - just you wait for those pictures, haha.

Tavia said...

As I get "older" I think it would be AWESOME to have a farm! I just couldn't have cows, they would feel too much like pets and I wouldn't be able to eat them. lol