Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first 5k

Two weeks?!?

I can't believe I haven't written one word on my blog in two weeks!! I am so behind on so many things (on the blog my real life is amazingly caught up). I've been off having one adventure after another! So, there should be lots of fun posts coming up if I can stay on top of things.

Alright so here are the pictures from the 5k...

Blake and I before the race
Garrett missed the picture because he was in the port-a-potty.

Garrett and Blake getting ready to start.
I was further back..because I am not fast!

Getting started.

Blake finishing!

Almost to the end!! The shadow next to me is Kate. I met Kate and her friend during the race. When we started they were going about the pace I was going maybe a tad bit faster, and I thought okay if I can finish near them I did a good job. At some point they got pretty far ahead of me and I picked some new people to finish with. Then I figured out my time and thought okay I can do this, I can get the unspoken goal in my head. And I really sped up. I finally caught up with Kate and told them what I had said at the beginning. It really motivated them to keep pushing and in turn motivated me to stay up with them.

Kate asked my name and if I ever started to fall behind she would say "Come on Ashlee, catch up". She was exactly what I needed.

When Garrett saw me running with my new friend he said "oh dear God she has made a friend" and then later to me he said "you are the only person I know that would make a friend during the middle of a race". But, I needed her. She really pushed me at the end.

My face is pretty red and splotchy, which means I was working hard!! ha!

About to cross the finish line.
The people next to me look happy and not tired. I'm glad I didn't notice that day. I might have hated them! But I'm sure they look happy because we over took them at the end! :)

I really debated posting these pictures, because they are NOT flattering! But, for the same reason I decided to post my (slow) time on my side bar they are up. Someday we can look back on these and realize how far I came!


The Spencer Trio said...

YEA!!!! I am so proud of you! You go girl! I always make friends in races. I finished with a man I met in mile 12 of the OKC half. I ran the race with two of my friends. One finished a few minutes before me and the other a couple of minutes behind me, so it was nice to have someone to finish with and keep me going. I am so thrilled for you! Which 5K was this? Will there be more to come?!

christie said...

way to go!! i don't think the pics are unflattering, just running pictures. it looks like you might have accidentally had a bit of fun, too. woohoo! congratulations :)

Ms. M said...

Congrats! That's such an awesome accomplishment-- way to go!