Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up with the first ever Tail Wagging Tuesday! Hosted by C Mae at Live What You Love!

I could not pass this Blog Hop up since Kuddles is my very favorite pup!

This week is link up your Most Favorite Picture of your Pet...

It was almost impossible to pick just one favorite picture of Kuddles, but this one pretty much sums her up the best!

We had been walking around campus and she was ready for a little rest, there was no way she was going to hang out on the ground like a dog, little Miss. Priss had to sit on the bench next to me. I love that her little ears are perked up and you can see her little Grinch toes (my favorite!)

Let me know if you link up, I'd love to come see your fur baby!!


Anonymous said...

Your pup is so cute!

Michelle said...

Aw so cute! Love the ears and adorable outfit!


star said...

She's adorable!!

CMae said...

What breed is Kuddles? love the name! :) Thank you so much for linking up today! -Cmae

Savanah said...

Kuddles is such a cute girl!

Casey said...

You won my giveaway!

Go check it out here: http://www.poodleism.com/2011/05/giveaway-winner.html

Email me with your favorite design soon, Meredith, of Merah is going on vacay and I want to get the earrings to you stat!