Monday, April 4, 2011


I had a perfect weekend.

Friday night was full of cleaning so that it wouldn’t have to be done during my precious weekend, followed by dinner at a new local favorite that is so scary and run down we would have never tried it if it hadn’t come highly recommended (I’m not kidding I was worried I’d get shot) but it’s so worth it for some biscuits and gravy!

Saturday was equal parts productive, relaxing, and fun. We had big plans to hit up the OU baseball game but Garrett’s parents returned from Colorado and we decided to hang out with them visiting, eating pizza, watching the Final Four and the baseball game on tv instead. After they went to bed Garrett and I headed to a movie.

I don’t even think we’ve been to a movie at the theater since tax season started. So not like us. We saw Source Code and it was really pretty good, if not a little bit predictable. Then since we were feeling crazy and spontaneous we decided to see Insidious. As it turns out I’m too old to pay for one movie and go to two, my conscious got the better of me and we bought a second round of ticket for the 12:30am showing of the movie, let me tell you if you go to the latest movie on a Saturday night there are only teenagers there (why there parents let them out that late I will never know). We were without a doubt the oldest people in the movie theater, I felt like I should be bossing children around. Insidious was scary, right up there with the Paranormal Activity movies. I really enjoyed it, it was worth getting home at 3:00am!

Sunday we spent the day catching up with other friends, lunch with Abbi and the afternoon with Brent.

And here we are back to Monday.

Poor Monday gets such a bad rap.

I mean don’t get me wrong I hate leaving behind the joys of the weekend to head back to work, and Monday’s are my longest day of the week (clocking in at right around 15 hours away from home). I think Monday can set the whole tone of the week, so I always try to have a happy one. Buy yourself a special Monday treat if you need to get rid of a case of the Mondays!

Have you seen any good movies? I still want to see The Lincoln Lawyer.

lets be happy




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angie on maui said...

hi there, visiting you from Meg's MM. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend, complete with a risky visit for some good food! My kind of girl. :)

You have a cute blog and I smiled at your "About Me" profile. You're direct and a straight shooter, aren't you? Love it!

Shalyn said...

Oh my gosh, you are brave for seeing Insidious- not sure I could do it!

Great blog, stopping by from the Mingle:-)

Takeya said...

just dropping by to say that we're thrilled you won our lemonade maker. we hope that it inspires lots of wonderful lemonade recipes! enjoy!