Sunday, November 4, 2012


I was planning a weekend recap but I didn't take any pictures and had a pretty uneventful weekend. And honestly I just took some pain medication and I am not sure how long I'll be coherent. :)

My weekend went something like this football homework whine about my kidney stone repeat. Not much of a recap.

The good news is since I have class the next two days I had to go ahead and pack for Hawaii! I'm such an overpacker I think I could stay for a month and be fine. Oh well it all fit in my carry on (well except a few things Garrett will need to take) the big problem is I have no room to bring anything new home. I might have to see if there is anything that I can stand to leave home. I just always wish I had what I left. Maybe no extra room will save me some money. Or maybe it will just cause me to buy an extra suitcase for the way home.

Garrett will pack exactly as many white shirts as days we are gone. And some shorts. I'm a little jealous. Oh well.

Any packing tips?

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crash. said...

My aunt is like an expert packer. She rolls her clothes instead of folding them. Look it up in pinterest!(; super jealous about hawaii. Not jealous about kidney stones. I hope they pass quick.