Tuesday, December 31, 2013

See ya later 2013!

I really meant to come back around here and write something in November or at least in December, but it never happened.

I didn't want the year to end without a word...

So here I am a few hours before the new year, while I watch football in my pjs (my preferred way of spending NYE) thinking about this crazy year.

 I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I thought I would (or I as much as I probably should have) but somehow I was always busy.

The healthcare changes didn't help to free up any time...

Then even without crazy long work days December is always busy: my birthday, Kuddles birthday (yes we celebrate!), Garrett's birthday and Christmas all happen in less than two weeks and no matter how prepared I feel and how much I want to just relax and soak up my favorite time of the year I'm always rushing around doing last minute things.

I did not turn my camera all month. I didn't even take my camera out of my purse at Christmas, usually I at least give it to the littles to capture some pictures.

Next year I want to take more pictures.

None of that is complaining or excuses just facts. Someday I won't be so busy - or maybe I always will because it's just in my nature.

I wrote a bunch of goals or resolutions for 2014 and my plan of attack to accomplish what needs to get done (think pass the CPA exam - not that I have failed - I am just having trouble getting the courage to even do it)

I am once again not sure what to do with this space. Do I invest more time into it? or do I just keep it as is an occasional thing? and if I do invest more into it what exactly do I want that to look like? I'm just not sure.....

oh well it's hardly a big deal it will work out one way or another! or something I have to decide and commit to before midnight :)

I hope you're spending your new year's eve just how you hoped!

because what's a post without a picture :)

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