Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beans and Rice

Well all of the sudden it's has been insanely busy and then Garrett's parents came into town last night which meant we needed to make sure the house was  extra clean. But the weekend is so close I can almost feel it! This is one of my favorite quick meals when things are crazy!

 I cook a lot of crock pot or freezer meals we get home late after long days and if dinner isn't planned and ready to be eaten when we get home we are pretty much guaranteed to go out and eat. Which is super tasty! But, it's expensive and I'm not the best at going with healthy choices when we go out to eat I want what sounds tasty when I'm hungry after a long day of work. 

I do have a few go to meals when I don't have anything planned that I can make at home instead of going out. One of those is beans and rice. Do other people eat beans and rice? 

I lived in Miami for a couple of years and we had a neighbor that was Cuban and she invited me over for beans and rice one night, and I was hesitant (as a kindergartner it sounded weird!) but I was hooked and went and ate with them a couple of times a month or sometimes she would bring it over for us. It was so good! This is nothing like what she made but it's not a bad easy week night meal. 

I take a can of black or pinto beans (rinsed and drained), a can of diced tomatoes, and Lawry's put it in a pan to warm up while I cook quick brown rice (this was actually a quinoa, chia, brown rice mixture) and then top it with cheese and sour cream (which was moldy this day so it didn't get added) You can also add some sausage if you want some meat or for extra flavor!                            


I can make "real" beans and rice where I soak and cook my beans but that's not a fast meal so it doesn't get made nearly as often around here :)

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