Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I took a fast trip to Texas last Wednesday, here's the trip in pictures

In the car...

Stopped to get Picklos!

I arrived

Charlie wasn't shy/scared of me for the first time ever he was excited to see me!

I didn't know you were coming!

So pretty!

(even though this kinda looks like a stock picture from a photographer, you know fake background)

Let's Climb Trees!

and sword fight!

"take my picture"

yes, he cut his own hair...

Jack's too cool to hang out with us...



Doing some yard work

texting homework


Ashlee doesn't have rules...you can have popcorn for dinner

or waffles
or pizza

you'll still get dessert!

how many pictures are you going to take?

Jack was at youth group...that left us with the self timer ah...much better
And after bed...I enjoyed some GSN!


christie said...

such a fun trip!! cute kids, delish food... and most of all GSN. oh how i miss thee.

Giant Sis said...

what's a Picklo?
cute kid pics - if that one girl really likes to do yard work, you can send her over to our house!
and can you be in charge of MY dinner? i think i'd LOVE it!

riddle me that said...

a picklo is a fried pickle...so yummy!!

haha the kids were fighting over the rake..there were not many leaves though and so i think their parents are going to have to re-sod...