Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy February

One of my favorite presents this year is my walking vest. It weighs 10lbs (but can be adjusted to weigh as little as 1lb).

I wear it when I walk/jog and it helps keep the wind out. Witch is an extra benefit since I HATE the cold. I feel like such a dork when I wear it though. My brother, Nathan asked me if I was going to wear it on the outside of my clothes. I do. He laughed at me. a lot. I think maybe I'll start wearing it all the time. People give me funny looks when I'm on my running path, I wonder what kind of looks I would get if I wore it to Wal*Mart? I was gonna post a picture of me wearing it but I really do look a bit silly, maybe when it warms up and I'm not wearing it and 17 layers of clothing...

2009 is 9.31% over. AMAZING!

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Senorita Rita said...

no really....please please post a picture of yourself wearing that.