Friday, January 30, 2009


Today at lunch time I headed to my favorite supplier of Dr. Pepper. It seemed like a good day to try out the drive thru....

let me interrupt the story to say I really am a creature of habit, I hate new things and change (even the slightest change) makes me feel a little ill....

Well today I was feeling a little brave, daring even. So, I thought I'll try the drive thru, I've never used it I always just pull up to the little station and wait for the nice carhop to bring me a drink. But, today I figure it's only a drink, I won't make them come out in the cold to bring it to me, PLUS I won't have to tip if I drive myself around.

I've always assumed that the drive thru is for people who are getting fast know just drinks....I pull up, wait for what seemed like a long time for a drive thru (surely I don't have to push a button here right?) I started to feel a little bit nervous (maybe I made a mistake)

Finally, the guy comes over the speaker and says "Welcome to Sonic, blah, blah, blah"

this isn't so bad after all "may I please get a large Dr.Pepper with easy ice"


"um you're in the drive thru"

at this point my heart starts racing a little bit, I'm feeling nervous and I have no idea what to I not allowed to use the drive thru? what's wrong with the drive thru? what do I do? should I pull up to a stationary ordering place? HELP?!?

I didn't say anything.

"um you're stopped at the drive thru right?" the nice boy says

meekly "yes" I held back from apologizing profusely and asking if I should move somewhere else.

"it'll be $1.71" did he sound angry to anyone else?

there I sit behind the other 3 cars waiting replaying the whole scenario wondering what I did wrong.

THEN do you know what happened? a girl walked out of the door and brought me my Dr. Pepper (I tipped her).

I should have stuck with what I know.

I will NEVER use the drive thru at Sonic again.

So much for trying new things, that stunted my growth for awhile...

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christie said...

you did everything right. calm down!!

please try it again sometime. it's good to do new things. plus it will be faster and cheaper.

don't give up, 'shlee.