Thursday, January 8, 2009


Every day that I work (which is not every day) I have the same's not about if my boss is going to be angry about something, or a client is going to call mad and demand to know where I am located (that happened once), it's not about finishing my work in a timely manner. Every day my anxiety is over the mail man. See, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me. He always looks at my computer (which often has a game, a blog, or ESPN pulled up by the time he comes) and then looks at me in this disapproving way. I never know what to say to him, I mean I'm pleasant enough but my boss always has a nice little conversation with him. And me...well I just trip over my tongue. Then there is this other problem, the door is about 6 of my steps (for a normal person this might be 3 steps, I have a very short stride) away from the desk, and I never know should I just sit at my desk and let mail man bring me the mail, do I get up and walk to him to get the mail, do I just roll over in my chair? I really have no idea what mail protocol is. And I worry about it. A lot. ya, I might be a little crazy...

Yesterday, I was sending out a mass mailing of sorts and had a bunch of mail I needed mail man to take, I was a little nervous...I don't want to make him mad. He obviously already doesn't like me. So, every time I look at the pile I feel a little apprehensive about his upcoming delivery. He finally arrives, we make the awkward exchange of the mail, you know I roll a few inches stand up walk half a step and take the mail from his hand as he walks from the door. Then I say "um would you be able to take this mail for me? please, maybe if it's not a big hassle" Mr. Mail Man says "uh, no" what?!? I was so startled, he always takes my mail. Mr.MM laughs and says "just kidding I'll take it." I stammer "dddddo you want me to put a rubber band around it?" haha no it's fine" he says "I'm sorry there is so much I can take it to the post office" I sheepishly say. He laughs and says no big deal. I regain my composer and say "Thanks so much. Have a great day!" (probably the first normal human thing I've said to him in months) He smiled and wished me a good day as well.

Here is hoping that I finally had a breakthrough and today when said mail man comes I won't act like I don't know how to interact with people....

Except I still have no idea...walk, stand, roll, stay?

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christie said...

i googled and googled but can't find any etiquette regarding rolling on a chair to accept mail from a mail carrier. i di find that it is polite to TIP a mail carrier (what the...) but that they shouldn't accept it. fedex guys can, so think on that.

"the first normal human thing i've said to him in months" haahahahaa!!

i vote, get outta your chair. it'll be in place of a tip.