Wednesday, January 14, 2009

no id, no...


I guess I've started looking older in the last few months (maybe since my birthday?). You may remember this post in which I was almost denied access to a movie because I did not have an id with me. You know back in October when I didn't even look 17. Times have changed my friends...

The last two times I've gone out to get adult beverages I have not even been asked for any form of identification...what are you kidding me? I go from looking under 17 to well enough over 21 to not even ask for my id?

do you think it's all my new wrinkles?

I really hope it's that the people serving me know the boys much older than 21 guys I was with and not that I'm looking that much older

Either way I guess we all have to get older some day....

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christie said...

to prevent such wrinkles, and it's better the earlier you start, here are some tips (googled):

stay out of the sun! (you're safe)
don't smoke! (you're safe)
don't squint! (you do this!!!)
wear sunglasses! (you sometimes do)
wear a hat! (ew, only if you're in the sun for a long time, because hats are usually a fashion mistake)
moisturize! (with something containing glycolic acid)
stay hydrated! (is this you?)
get plenty of rest! (you're safe)
limit alcohol intake! (you're safe)

colbie caillat says:
Life goes on
Over my shoulder
It's tough getting older
Yeah, yeah