Saturday, January 3, 2009

No boys allowed!

Here is girl cousin day in backward order (because I really don't have the desire to change it). I didn't do so well taking pictures...but we started our day with lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, followed that up with lots, and lots of shopping and then sugar cookie men making and decorating! Natalie making cookies!

The mixer broke half way through and Natalie mixed the cookies by hand!

Olivia licking the beaters

Olivia's photo shoot in the car

Car photo shoot

(Olivia took probably 20 pictures of Natalie I choose only this one for the blog)

best cousin friends!

Making a funny face (and driving)

Natalie didn't get the funny face memo!

Getting ready to leave for girl cousin day!

1 comment:

christie said...

those were REALLY fun to look at! it's cool because i can notice how much everyone has grown and changed. you guys must have had a blast.

great pics, lookin' good, ladies. :)