Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!

In honor of the new year I have decided to list 2009 ways that my life has changed this past year!

I'm only kidding.

So, many things have changed this year it probably would be possible for me to list close to that many.

Here are some things I hope to look back at when 2010 (are you kidding me that's only 364 days away?!?!?) starts and have be different (I guess you could call them resolutions):

1. I want to have meetings set up in JANUARY with BS and BB

2. I want to have 500 songs (I currently have 113) on my ipod in FEBRUARY (I'll have had it one year)

3. Send in at least one of my Secrets to postsecret by MARCH

4. I want to be at my goal weight by APRIL

5. Have at least 100 (2009) blog posts in MAY

6. I want to have read Walden by JUNE

7. I want to go really really blonde by JULY (maybe)

8. Have all of the starting and back up Sooners numbers and positions memorized in AUGUST

9. Attend at least 1 away game in SEPTEMBER

10. I want to run a 5k in OCTOBER

11.Visit Natalie's (are you kidding? when did she get so old?) dorm room by NOVEMBER

12. Send Christmas cards in DECEMBER (I was really thinking hard about putting turn 27...)

I have not added any "resolutions" related to jobs, school, or living arrangements because I don't have good track records with resolutions so I'll have to make those into goals instead (and of course all goals have to go through the goal police in my life)

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