Friday, January 16, 2009

walmart, fleece, and new bffs?

So, some of my friends Christie thinks I need to find some new friends and not to talk to any of the boys that are currently a part of my life. I always hear her voice in the back of my head (you know like a conscience). I was grocery shopping at Walmart last weekend when this cute boy caught my eye, we were in the produce section I really just looked several rows into the grocery store we kept running into each other, like literally. I couldn't help but notice that we were dressed alike (read jeans and grey fleece nothing crazy people). What I didn't notice was his wedding ring (dang it) not like I was going to talk to him...but still! About halfway through the aisles up walks his cute wife (hope she didn't see me batting my eyes at him). So, no big deal obviously it isn't in the cards for me to drop those I currently hang out with. I didn't even think the story was worth repeating, surely not blog worthy...

that is until last night when I went to a meeting and who would be walking in before me? It was cute wife...what? This city is HUGE what are the chances we are in the same place at the same time?! No, big deal she doesn't know who I am. (she did keep looking at me weird). If that weren't weird enough do you know that when I went to Walmart this afternoon she was there AGAIN?! Obviously I need to be bff with this girl and not her husband (I've seen her 3 times in less that a week!) weird.

Hope that kept you entertained...sorry I forgot about Wordless Wednesday this week. I really didn't remember until yesterday when one of my other blog reads put hers up late...suck.

tomorrow, I'll be in my MECA at a wedding show with Abbi! So, excited!

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christie said...

that's amazing that you keep seeing that girl. three times, that's a sign. befriend her. she knows your husband (and it's not hers). i'm sure of it!