Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

I remember the first time Christmas changed for me, it was the year we stopped going to the farm. I thought I'd probably never recover, I was ready to cancel Christmas (I was about 11) I've never really been all about presents, I've always been about family and tradition (I hate change). The first thing that happened when we left the farm was we no longer had Christmas Eve together as a "big" family, mostly I missed pigs in the blanket and game time. With time I adjusted to Christmas in Edmond, it turned out it was pretty nice not waking up in a hotel Christmas morning, we sat in a circle to open presents no longer kids in front, grown ups in the back, and the playground across the street provided hours of entertainment for the new kids. There were a few Christmases in college that I spent in Florida they never really felt like Christmas, so those two years were like the years without Christmas. This Christmas was all about trial and error, our first Christmas without Grandma (well I guess last year was, but really no one even counts that it was just too soon). Sadly, I never got into the Christmas spirit, it just never felt right. Again this year just like that Christmas 15 years ago I was more than ready to cancel Christmas, I didn't even take many pictures. Next year I am lobbying for a family cruise instead of Christmas. Some of the little kids my still be too little to appreciate the fun in this.

anyway, here are this years christmas pictures...

Blake and Clint


I need a tanning bed...

Taking pictures

So Sleepy!

Painting Christmas ornaments!

Story time

Clay after Kay's car uphill

Nathan after car pushing

Charlie went to Aunt Kathy when he didn't get what he wanted

Olivia and her look alike doll!

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christie said...

i like your family! they are so fun.

omg, those kids are huge. stop feeding them now and maybe they'll stop growing.

olivia and her doll are so precious!