Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday to you!

I know, I know we are supposed to hate Monday's...but I just can't help but think Monday's get a bad rap!

1. Monday is a clean slate.
2. I am re-energized and refocused.
3. I have a new to do lists and plans to have a successful week.

Maybe I just had an extra good weekend, and so having to go back to work and school doesn't seem so bad? (I mean don't get me wrong I almost cried when the alarm went off this morning, but that happens's not just a Monday thing!)

First and most important good weekend thing...

We beat texas 55-17! Even better than that? Those Sooners looked like that had it together on both sides of the ball!

Second good weekend thing....

I only took my pajamas off to go out to eat for breakfast Saturday morning, and dinner last night...I love lazy weekends and it has been sooo long since I've had one! This one was much needed and appreciated and I know the KuddleBug loves it when we stay home with her!

Third good weekend thing....

I finally nailed dates for our cruise this winter! Now I just have to pick which ship/cruise line I want to go on...I'm not going to lie if I can figure out which one has the best food that will be the deciding factor for me.....

So here is to good weekends, Mondays being not so bad, and an awesome week!!!

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