Monday, October 3, 2011

October Goals

1. Blog Every Weekday - Next month is NaBloPoMo and I want to play! Weekends are harder to post/nobody reads on weekends any way so this weekday blogging will be a good start. I will not be afraid to schedule posts! This month is going to be crazy!

2. Walk 100 Miles. Plan is loooooong weekend walks, and as many during the week walks as I can manage.

3. Reach Team Donation Goal. We need $2240, and we have 30 days to make's hoping a lot of people are feeling generous this month! (this deserves it's own post...coming tomorrow!)

4. Spend @ least 1 hr a day on school work. I hate being behind and trying to catch up so I really need to just stay ahead/caught up!

5. Keep Car Cleaned Out. My car is a disaster area, it is so bad I hate for people to have to get into it, I have no excuses any more I am not commuting any where. I should be able to keep my car presentable. Reward I get to have it detailed if I succeed!  

6. Organize Office. My office is the only room in the house that still has boxes in it from our move back in August...this needs to change!

7. Finish Gallery Wall. Good thing about my office is the Gallery Wall is hung, but I am kind of tired of looking at empty picture frames.

8. Comment More! I read a whole lot of blogs, but I don't follow many of them publicly and I hardly ever comment, I get so shy! 

9. Try 2 new recipes This actually isn't too much of a challenge for me on any normal month, but I've gotten a few less "this is the best thing I have ever eaten" lately and I am missing that reaction so I need to find some yummy things to make!

10.  Get a laundry schedule, and stick to it! Seriously we only have 2 people in our house and I always have a mountain of laundry, we obviously have to many clothes because I can go weeks without doing any. The plies are redic (what I'm cool?). Somethings got to give!

I'm pretty sure the theme of October is Time Management, like I better get a helluva lot better at it if I am going to make it out in one piece! 

Do you set monthly goals? What about weekly & monthly? I do I am all about breaking up my long term goals as small as I need to.Whatever it takes to get some instant gratification....

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

of course you know I love this post and your goals sound doable but a nice stretch :)

thanks so much for your comment