Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Furry Friends!

I headed home for a quick trip last weekend 55 hours from touchdown to take off. It wasn't nearly enough time. I didn't get to do lots of things I wanted to do, or most of the things I normally do when I head home.

No trips to my favorite ice cream shops, or dinners at restaurants I dream about, no sunsets, and no time for shopping.

But aside from being rushed I had an amazing time! It just went way too fast!

I took almost no pictures. Good thing I had a photographer with me all weekend!

Here are some I took of my favorite Furry friends from Florida!

Gator, Kane, and Brook 
(All are sweet! and make me remember how small Kuddles is!)

(who used to be evil but has gotten nicer with old age)

(Who reminds us all of Doby the House Elf)

(Who is not very photogenic)