Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big XII Champs to the 6th Power!

Friday our road trip to Kansas City started at Cheeseburger in Paradise, we kind of got a late start (because someone just had to have one of their yummy cheeseburgers and sweet potato chips) and then forgot the GPS in the other car and had to turn around to go get it (we would have had back up printed off directions but I get made fun of when I do that) We eventually got off and sadly my camera was in the trunk so there are no pictures of the drive up there. Nothing too exciting happened. The TomTom tells us what time we are supposed to arrive at our destination and when I am driving I like to race it. So, as soon as we got on the Highway (or Motorway as Tom calls it) it said we would be arriving at 12:47 and I thought I could cut that down by an hour, after 3 hours my nerdy self did the math to figure out exactly what time we would get there if we stayed at the same pace and then bet my time 11:12 would win. Garrett bet 11:24. We arrived at 11:18 sadly it took me a minute to realize that meant we tied. Dang it! At least I beat Tom by an hour and 29 minutes! Here is the rest of the trip in picture form!

A lot of luggage for 2 people for 2 days! (We brought the dvd player but couldn't get it to work) and buying movies on the TV cost $11 ripoff! So, no movies for us!

After a million hours in the car we made it, and I thought I should document it!

Okay, by far the best part of the whole hotel was that there was this little rubber ducky waiting for us when we arrived! I of course brought him home with me! (they were renovating the hotel which is why I assume they used a construction duck)

Doing situps in his way too tight long underwear


Before we headed to Arrowhead Stadium we went to lunch at longhorn steak house. We watched the Alabama/Florida game from the bar. We started with Pomegranite Margaritas. Yummy! (and crimson!)

Boomer Sooner!

(every game maybe should start with one of these yummy drinks!)

Garrett had never had pomagranite anything before...

In Missouri the let kids sit at the bar...crazy!

They let you have open containers in the car as well.

Gas was so cheap! (it that cheap here now too!)

(can you even believe it Christie?!?)

In the car at arrowhead getting ready to put on all the layers!

The backseat was full of blankets and coats...

Walking up to our seats we stopped to get a picture

(garrett wanted to rest and i'll always stop for a picture!)

So excited! Sadly, I didn't even drink 1 Dr.Pepper I bet they were tasty there!

Warming up on the field before the game

Sammy stretching!

waiting for the game to start.

not too cold yet.

Getting pumped up!

Before the game.

Defense listening to Coach V

Bob and the boys!

An orange on the field!

So fun!

Brandon is my hero!

He jumped up and down the whole game trying to get everyone pumped up!

Good job!

2 ez bruh! 3 in a row!

he had a little song. I forget.

Mizzou fans were pretty mean.

And this one was the meaniest so I took his picture.

My favorite part of the whole trip took part shortly after this picture unfortunatly there is no video evedince of it The guy sitting down turned to tell us that the first OU game he ever went to was in 1984 and we beat Mizzou 77-0 he was kind of texas whiney when he was telling us (you should know that stand up guy and i were arguing, when he gave us this information.) I said nothing because what do you say to that? Well garrett balled up his little fists and proceeded to make a crying motion. It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen him do. It really can't be described in words.

If only more had witnessed it.

My centering sucks. But, I was so excited. We were making history!

702 points this season!

5 games with >60 Amazing!

We win 3 in a row! Congrats boys!

Waiting to get the Trophy!

It's ours!

Or Nic's. I'm pretty sure he didn't let go of it.

Bob Stoops, headed to the locker room!

These trash cans were so fun!

After the game we piled up our clothes. It was so cold.

We really could have used some more.

It was so tall.
Next time we will try a few different things.

Showered and warm.

holding open his eyes?

Showered, warm, weather burned, and shiny!

Sunday morning we ate at Cracker Barrel.

Lots of ku and ksu fans told us they were glad we won so convincingly.

even one sweet florida fan told us we looked awesome!

I never knew if we were in kansas or missouri.
Here we are going from one to the other.

Garrett drove home.

I did not sleep, I was afraid I would miss something.

(like a hunk of meat on the side of the road)

I was a little bit bored so I took a picture of Tom.

We couldn't do road trips without him!

There were so many hawks on the side of the road and I tried so hard to get a good picture.

That dot in the tree is the best I got. Dang it!

We finished our road trip with dinner at Olive Garden and a movie.

I needed one more picture to document the end. I finally got a good smiling one (on the second try) of garrett and my hair was in my face. DANG IT!

one more time. it'll have to do. Probably until next season.

Unless we get tickets to the big game...

Wordless Wednesday has been postponed this week....check for it tomorrow..

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the crumb said...

omg, so many pictures! if you ever get alzheimer's you'll be able to relive it all over again!

i like tom. i need one of those when i come back so i can drive around and visit everyone i'm still talking to.

don't steal that duck!! so sad, now the next people have none. a pic would have been enough, klepto!!

too tight long underwear is soooo funny!

yum @ pomegranate

gas hasn't been that cheap since i started driving.

boomer sooner! or can i say boomer sooners? that's a LOT of points!!

i hope you don't get in any fights while you're at away games. those creepy mizzouers look dangerous! ok, not the lady. at least you had garrett to fake cry at them for you.

nice pile of clothes!

i wish i could have eaten at logan's or cracker barrel or olive garden. :(

here's hopin' you WIN tickets to the game! go find a contest and make my sister proud!